»»  Why Hatch House?

Our Mission

Our mission at Hatch House School is to provide a vibrant early childhood center where children are prepared with the academic skills and social confidence needed to be successful learners in school, and in their lives beyond.

Our Goals

These principles guide our school:

Help to foster confident well-rounded children who enjoy and embrace the process of learning.

Attract and retain motivated and energetic teachers who are committed to knowing each child and maximizing that child's potential.

Teach to nurture bright and ethical learners.

Create a learning community of dedicated families, children and staff.

Help to develop innovative early childhood programs and services that address the needs of the modern family.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that active learning best suits the needs of young students. In class learning therefore is complemented by several other "learning rooms", to include: a Gardening Center, Mad Science Kitchen Lab, a Multi-purpose room for music and theatre arts appreciation, and A Spray Park, (OK they are not meant to learn anything from a spray park, but they sure do have lots of fun and avoid our scorching Central Texas summers!)

Fostering a sense of community is also an aim of our school. The common wisdom that parental involvement and strong schools are inseparable-one cannot exist without the other, still prevails. Parental involvement strengthens our early school community, while being involved in your child's day-to-day life helps to extend school learning into the home. Therefore we place a high emphasis on encouraging parents to be involved. Parents are invited into the classroom as guest speakers, to discuss their careers, cultural and faith traditions or interesting hobbies- you remember how excited you were when your mom or dad were able to, or for some, had to, visit your school!

A weekly assembly is also an integral component of Hatch House. This is the time when we gather together as a school to celebrate birthdays, reinforce character and ethics themes, recognize student and staff achievements, and share family and pet announcements. This is also a time wherein visits from guests speakers and members of the wider community come in to share special talents and activities with us. Two of our annual school events- The Holiday Performance and Spring Play are also community-building engagements where we celebrate our children's achievements as a community.

Our hopes are that this website will give you an impression of a place where families place a high value on learning and where children and parents feel at home in their child's school. This website however is only an electronic glimpse, we invite you to come in to experience Hatch House.