»»  The Preschool "3s" Classroom

Our preschool classroom paves the foundation for basic school readiness skills. These skills are invaluable to children as they prepare themselves to enter the more structured pre-k program. We attempt to address various learning styles by incorporating a variety of learning experiences throughout the day such as art, language, music, science, mathematics, movement, and dramatic play. Opportunities for practical activities are many and provide essential experiences necessary to encourage the learning process in the 3 year old.

The use of open ended materials in this class encourages children to grasp concrete ideas at their own developmental level but still nurture the curiosity and inquisitiveness, of the 3s "but why?" phase. We regularly schedule guest visits from our local community, artists and parent book readers, making our learning experiences memorable and practical, in sum priceless.

The teachers in this class are experienced educators who are highly patient, yet have strong classroom and behavior management skills.