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The Hatch House Explorations Summer Camp operates on a weekly basis throughout the summer. This program is structured as an academic enrichment camp open to elementary children from kindergarten through 5th grade. Our belief is that all children are gifted if provided with the right structure and experiences. This camp is designed primarily however for children who enjoy learning and being engaged in academic pursuits throughout the summer. Students apply to the program, the purpose being to engage a population of students who have an interest in learning during the summer and have the greatest potential for success in our summer Explorers school. A limited number of spaces are available per session.

The Explorers "explore" various areas of learning which are not typically parts of the public school curriculum. The Summer Explorers are required to complete reading, writing, mathematical, scientific and technological assignments, homework and reading assignments are also required as part of the program. The camps combine a morning of academics coupled with an afternoon of enrichment, rounded out with weekly trips to sites that reinforce the learning that has occurred during the week, or simply for activities to celebrate and fun. A Resident-Expert Display is the culminating event where parents and guest are invited in to view the work that was accomplished during the session. The Hatch House Explorations Summer camp employs content specialist teachers and summer counselors to lead the program. To learn more about the summer program please contact us at admissions@hatchhouseschool.com or (512) 336-1500.