»»  Our Story

To us, Hatch House will be more than simply another preschool or daycare. It will be a community - a community of people who care deeply and passionately about children.

There was an old lady named Mrs Cheryl who lived in a shoe, she had so many children on her home daycare waiting list that she didn't know what to do.

The children were learning so much to be true, they were also expanding the old lady's idea of what she could do, who knew?

So she mixed in her masters degree in education, rolled in her family life education certification too, teacher certification training, her special education background, and her real life experience of being a mother, spouse and a working parent into a stew to brew,

The best qualities of home, warm and nurturing please,

Not too many in the school, for that is recipe for teachable moments to pass, we need a community of early learners that are excited and connected and sure to last,

A strong curriculum, creative and academic, expose them to science, math, music and creative arts, for the early years are the most emblematic,

So she mixed up her knowledge, experience, and genuine love of children, and decided to create a place truly impressive,

So Hatch House School, I am sure you will agree, is a community of families who seek more for their child during the early years of being a family.

Come on in and have a tour, you will feel the difference and hopefully more.


Cheryl Sheriff, M.Ed.
Head of School