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the critical period between birth and five years of age is crucial for a child's creation of a sense of self, it is the formation of the identity

Many studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between the quality of childcare and the child's development. The theory being that the better the quality of care, especially during the quintessential "formative years" of birth through five, the better the academic outcomes for the child in the future. The characteristics that equip children to be successful in school therefore, are formed early in life. At the crux of our programs is that knowledge, we understand that each and every day is an important learning opportunity for the children entrusted in our care.

Our school provides a literacy-rich, age-appropriate early learning environment where opportunities for teachable moments are plentiful. Overall program aims are, to:

  • Expand the child's knowledge of language, math, science, music, and performing arts

  • Encourage individuality while fostering positive social-emotional development

  • Cultivate self-confidence and independence

  • Most importantly, setting a foundation for a life-long interest in learning

We have a robust comprehensive curriculum that assesses children regularly, guides them towards exceeding developmental milestones and then communicates with parent.



Our curriculum focuses on two central aspects of child development; namely, the academic or cognitive, and the social or emotional. We use materials and equipment from a variety of content domains in order to elicit the intellectual capacity of each child. Our teachers assist children in becoming confident learners by providing a safe and welcoming environment for sharing ideas and trying, and in so doing nurturing the child through their acquisition of new skills.

Our core curriculum is central to developing student abilities in literacy and numeracy, science, technology and social studies. The Hatch House curriculum is inspired by key educational theories, namely, the early preschools of the Reggio-Emilia area of Italy, what is now commonly referred to as the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. The Reggio Approach is an educational philosophy with an underlying tenet that during the early years of development, children are forming who they are as an individual. In the Reggio approach, children are provided with activities that require thinking, revising, developing and expressing. Advocates of this approach believe it helps produce confident children who are risk-takers, innovators and able to think for themselves.

At the same time the Montessori method has tools and materials that help to make abstract concepts tangible to young children and therefore we incorporate some of these teaching materials in our classroom centers. Likewise, play based learning is another educational approach that is advantageous to young children. Hence, our infants and toddler programs are imparted largely through play based activities.

We also believe that young children require guidance in shaping their emotional and social selves as learners in a community. Therefore our curriculum is also buttressed by a social emotional curriculum. This curriculum is imparted largely through weekly school-wide assemblies wherein ethical themes are explored and applied through positive guidance in the classroom. The goal of which is to shape the healthy emotional and social growth of the child.

In addition to the core curriculum, the Hatch House child also participates in several enrichment classes each week as we believe that children learn best through practical hands-on application. Taught by content specialists, our enrichment sessions include classes in science, technology, music and theatre and second the languages of Spanish and French.

The combination of these programs ensures that your child will exceed the academic readiness standards required to succeed in elementary school and beyond.