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Hatch House is a modern facility designed to serve the dual functions of providing utmost safety while offering creative early educational experiences. The building is reminiscent of a large estate home of yester year, emanating warmth and comfort, always clean and using as much "green" products as possible. Most of our classrooms are filled with natural light looking out onto ancient oak trees.

The facility consist of:

Classrooms - Uniquely furnished classrooms beckon the children each morning with developmentally appropriate materials and equipment.

A Large Multi-Purpose Room for martial arts, yoga, dance & movement, music and presentations.

Young Chef Science Kitchen Lab is a fully operational child sized kitchen science classroom where the practical application of basic math and science concepts are explored through cooking and science experiments.

Technology & Computer Stations- Each classroom (non- infant), is equipped with a computer station with several computers. Each station is enabled with age-appropriate educational games and activities. Children are provided direct instruction in the use of child-friendly learning sites and computer usage in general.

Outdoor Play Areas- Numerous ancient oak trees provide a natural shade canopy on the play scapes in the backyard. With four age-appropriate play areas securely fenced, the children can explore the outdoors while avoiding the summer sun.

A Spray Park - Our zero depth, no water accumulation spray park is a heavenly oasis of a misting caterpillar, a watering palm tree, and unpredictable ground sprouts. OK, they are not meant to learn anything from a spray area, but they sure do have lots of fun cooling off during our scorching summers.

The Big Screen Projector - Is a theatre sized movie screen that serves as an exciting gathering place for child-friendly movie features, particularly for the school-aged children.

An Outdoor Gardening Center - Children learn the basics and benefits of gardening, recycling, and living green through growing their own flowers, fruits and vegetables. We don't just read about it, we actually do it.

An Outdoor Mini b-ball Court - A mini ball court where children can practice and develop their athletic and ball handling skills.

"Green" Facility - The facility is sanitized daily using non-toxic chemicals and cleaning fluids. Each room is also equipped with an individual air sanitizer.

Healthy is Good - Our snacks are nutritious and healthy and locally grown when possible. We try and incorporate fresh fruits and wholes grain snacks while limiting the intake of processed sugars when at all possible.

Early Morning Carpool - To aid in the early morning rush of commuting we provide an early-bird drop off service where parents can drive-thru up the front of the building and one of our staff will escort the child to their classroom. This service is only available to children who are mobile and comfortable with this service.