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Welcome To Hatch House School

We are an affordable child care center offering a high quality education in a small center, where each child is provided with the individual attention they need.

Activity-Specific Rooms

Focus On Academics

Personalized Care

Low Ratios

Our Programs

Early Infancy

3 months to 12 months

The Hatch House infant is treated with exceptional care and attention. Our teachers enjoy reading books and singing songs to your child, speaking with them consistently and warmly each day, and providing activities that support large and fine motor skills.

Later Infancy

13 months to 18 months

After the first year of life, children begin taking their first steps towards greater mobility and independence. This transition – which includes milestones like starting to walk and moving from formula to whole milk – is aided by a strong bond between children and their teacher, and a strong partnership between parents.


19 months to 25 months

The curriculum for toddlers is focused on activities that reinforce the vocabulary of colors, numbers and shapes. By reading, creating, sharing, playing, using the five senses, and direct instruction, your child will learn to distinguish and explore the wider world.

Early Preschool

30 months to 36 months

For children in our Early Preschool classroom, learning to follow and listen to directions, and developing independence are at the core of the curriculum. Children learn the importance of the printed word, art, and science, and are exposed to music and movement.


3 year olds to 4 year olds

Our preschool classroom creates a foundation for basic school preparedness. The skills learned here are essential as children ready themselves for our more structured pre-k programs. We address multiple learning styles by incorporating a variety of learning experiences throughout each day.


young 4yr olds - 5yr olds

This curriculum is focused on preparing well-rounded children for kindergarten. Math and manipulatives, rote counting, number recognition, patterns and sequencing, science and technology, social art, music, and more are at the heart of this program.

After School

elementary school-aged children

Our After-School program is designed for elementary aged children in kindergarten through the fifth grade. We provide transportation to and from local elementary schools, a nutritious snack, and afterschool programming until 6:30 P.M.


elementary school-aged children

The Hatch House Summer Camp operates on a weekly schedule throughout the summer. This program is structured as an academic enrichment camp open to elementary children from kindergarten through 5th grade. Our belief is that all children are gifted if provided with the right structure and experiences.

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