»»  Saturday Care

Every parent requires and deserves time to have a quiet evening with friends, the occasional romantic dinner as a couple or simply having a few hours to shop without the children. Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy and reliable babysitter can sometimes prove to be more difficult and time consuming than what it is worth. With Hatch House's Saturday Care service, a parent can leave their child in a safe, secure and familiar environment on select Saturdays every month.

Our caregivers will entertain the children in our multi-purpose room with games, crafts, dinner and a movie on our theatre sized projector screen. The children enjoy the comfort and fun of being in a place that they know with their Hatch House friends, a win-win situation for both parent and child. Don't be surprised if your child encourages you to go out on a Saturday date so that they can have a play date with their friends. Fees are calculated based on a pay-per-use basis.